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Who We Are

The She Will Speak Series is an organization and movement that believes in creating safe spaces to transform our society.  Our mission is to build a community through the empowerment of women with education, awareness, and the arts to cultivate healing and change. Our bi-annual themed anthology gives writers and artist a space to share the work they believe will impact others. Each anthology topic selected has coinciding events to further develop healing, community, and empowerment.



We facilitate workshops and events for women of all ages.  We also host panel discussions and conduct readings on varies themed topics throughout the year.  Also we as an organization have been able to work and partner with different national platforms. The She Will Speak Series also offers scholarships, internships, and volunteer opportunities.  


To keep yourself up to date subscribe to our email listing and if you would like to help us continue our community efforts we encourage you to donate. 

We believe in creating safe spaces to allow healing , empowerment, community, and change.


The She Will Speak Series has given over $500 in Scholarships for 2019.

Our Mission

Community Service

The Series has donated over $1000 of cash and literary materials to non-profit organizations and academic institutions.

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