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An Open Letter To All The Nurses Out There

To The nurses,

It felt quite peculiar when I discussed with others that I have chosen you to write a open letter. They reacted as if there was so many topic to write about & why I have stumbled upon on you. But you know, it’s nothing awkward or peculiar to write about the profession I’ve seen my most precious one throughout all these years. Yes, I’ve seen my mother giving her heart & soul to this particular field from a very young age, but she has been serving people for almost 27 years now.

Being a nurse is never a piece of cake or a task to be done with our eyes shut. A nurse as explained by many, is a profession that help to attain, maintain and help patients recover to their optimal health thus, improving their quality of life. Wanting to be a nurse is a huge thing. It is not like an ordinary job. They don’t deal with stocks or money, they deal with life. Nursing has always been known as a very noble job behind a doctor. And every doctor out there in the world knows that without a nurse, they can’t function on their daily routine at work. Nurse is the another synonym of the word “Sacrifice”. What you guys do are out of reach of everyone. Reasons are unending but some reasons that inspired me to be like a nurse are - 1)Nourishing people day & night, 2)Taking care of patients’ health forgetting their own 3)Running through a hectic schedule, 4)Sacrificing their meal time to fed hungry patients. 5)Not having a holiday on Nurse’s Day where it should be a break for the nurses, just like how teachers get off on Teacher’s Day. 6)Holding their bladder so that they can attend to their need. This itself is not a very healthy thing but they do it our of selflessness. 7)Cleaning our loved ones’ waste which we say ‘eerrr!’ 8) Giving up their time to go home early so that they can fully maximize their care for their patients. 9) They never mind looking like a train wreck at work. 10) Even getting molested everyday in many cases, most of them pretend nothing happened. 11) Despite getting shouted and scolded at by patients and doctors, still continuing their care for the patients because they know that that is the right thing to do. 12) Nurses are there for us when everyone else choose to ostracize. 13) They never mind hearing the same story we have to tell her everyday. 14) Their salary are not that high but they work because they know someone out there needs the TLC that they lack. 15) They are humans too, thus it means they have feelings. 16) They try to help us in whatever needs we have though they know that they are occupied with a lot of task. 17) They have more knowledge that doctors in some cases, so learn to trust them. 18) Caring for more than one patient and to them every single one of them are important. 19) They put their life at risk everyday to save another person’s life. 20) They never give up on a patient. 21) They are extremely patient. 22) When we are at home sleeping soundly, a nurse is out there taking care of our sick loved one. 23) There is little reward for a nurse if she saves a life and the worst part is sometimes she doesn’t get a ‘thanks’ in return but just complains of why they let it happen in the first place. 24) They can’t choose who they are nursing, even if the patient is a serial rapist or murderer, they have to give the optimal care that a human being deserves. 25) They check on their patients more than they check on their near & dear ones. 26) They get hurt each and everyday of their working life but what makes them go on is knowing that they can make one person get back in track, even if it means just the one. 27) Nurses can quit their job but they don’t do it because they know we won’t have the same amount of courage and strength they have in them to pick up a very noble and tough job.

It feels heart wrenching when people are asked about you all & about the kind of job , you all are dealing with, they never think for twice & answer “ Nurses take BP, operating salines, give medicines, bathe patients, feed them & have conversations with doctors” & this is the thing that makes me extremely outrageous. They forgot that the profession, you all are attached is one of a kind, is something being passionate or holistic more than being professional. You all maintain a pivotal role in maintaining an unfathomable amount of patience, undying altruism,and generally, love for humanity and life. You all are highly salutable for the constant exposure to various hazards found around the premises you serve. I find it extremely unreasonable when some people demeaning your dignity for the sake of their ill-conditioned patience who had to die irrespective of many treatments applied, they unknowingly throw all their allegations in your name & this disheartens me. Still, I take a bow down to all the nurses out there for owning an immense valour & bravery in pursuing Nursing as it pledges service to various people with various conditions. As the common saying goes, “a nurse already has one foot at the grave”. It is true.

At the end of the day, that smile of fulfillment , happiness & peace in all your faces do surely worth it when you get to hear that the patient under your surveillance is actually improving with their health.Nothing in this all seems more beautiful & euphoric than seeing your nourishment has resulted into a success.

Hope, one day you all will succeed to achieve the same amount of respect, love & care than the others in their professions get.

Yours Sincerely, An avid follower & lover of you all.


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