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Is College Worth the Loans?


Par Fatimata Keita 

The debate about college and its influence on further success is still happening, even now. 

College is supposedly the best and safest way to find a job, at least in theory. But what about in practice? It is a question that needs answers, especially when college in the US is far from free. Student loans are indeed excessively high. But the real question is: is college worth the loans? A few months ago, in an article by Forbes, it was explained that: “According to the Fed, college graduates—defined as ages 22 to 27 years old, holding a bachelor’s degree or higher— are more likely to be unemployed and underemployed compared to overall workers.”

I think we can all agree that college isn't the only way to find a job and security. Even though college is one hell of an experience, and one way to achieve your dreams, getting there is a real fight. It isn't just about the efforts, the grades, etc. but the price to enter itself can easily inhibit the enthusiasm. The average tuition cost of just one year of college can range anywhere from about $10,440 for a public, in-state university to a whopping $36,880 for a private university.

First, it is important to be aware that some jobs require a college degree. If you want to be a lawyer, a doctor etc., obtaining a degree is essential. But if your plans are different, you may find another way. So one thing is to be sure of what you want to do and establish a plan. Meet a possible future coworker, and don't be afraid to ask questions. Because yes, college can offer a job, a higher paycheck, better opportunities and even, say some experts, better life skills.

College can sometimes feel more like a curse than a blessing. Indeed, student loans can put you in a difficult situation for a few years. Even though it’s tough, the best thing when considering college is to do a lot of research in advance (price, scholarship, financial help) and start saving. But obviously all this is quite difficult, especially when you supposedly enter into college by 18-19. Knowing what you want to do with your life can take some time, and college is a big investment that we’re not always sure to reap the benefits of.

To be honest, I think the real problem is that people have to ask if college is worth it. How did we attain such a high price just to get an education? That’s crazy! To know that some people have to give up their goals not because of their skills, but because of their financial incapacity. When we look on the other side of the sea, we have European countries, like France for example, where college tuition in the public never exceeds one thousand dollars. Plus, in the public the State guarantees a scholarship on social criteria, which covers college tuition. 

I think the answer to: “Is college worth the loans?” could be yes or no, depending on your situation. Just like any investment, you can win or lose. It's a risk, nowadays - it feels a little like gambling, so be sure you’re ready to play before entering the party.

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