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Letting Go of Things That Don't Serve Us

Letting go is not always an easy feat. It is ingrained in many of us to fight for what we want, to push past all obstacles, to never quit until we reach our goal. But what we may not always realize is that letting go of things that don’t serve us is just as important as pushing ourselves to the finish line.

Have you ever wanted something that you knew maybe wasn’t good for you? I’m not talking about the extra piece of cake or the one too many glasses of wine you had last weekend. I’m talking about a relationship with someone who brought out the worst in you, or the career that made you so stressed that your hair started falling out. The bigger things in life that maybe we once thought we wanted, that we once thought were good for us, or meant for us, but turned out to weigh us down more than lift us up.

Sometimes it can be hard to recognize these things. Or even if you do recognize it, you may think, “this is what I’ve chosen, this is a part of my life and this is the path I’m meant to be on”. But what we also may not realize, is that we are ever changing beings with ever changing lives and circumstances. Nothing is permanent, no person, no place, no situation. We are constantly evolving, and one thing that may have been good for us a year ago, may not work for us anymore. Maybe we outgrew that person or that job or that city.

It is imperative that we recognize when something is taking more of a toll on us than it brings us joy. If all of your energy is going into one thing, there are certainly other things in your life that are taking a hit. For example, say you are in a relationship with someone who tends to be a bit controlling. Your friends have noticed that you haven’t been hanging around as much, and your behaviors are shifting to match what your partner wants. This is a dangerous game, as the relationship is no longer serving you, you are serving it. All of your energy is going into one person, into one area of your life - and you’re making it your whole life. And not even one that’s yours! Be able to recognize when something in your life is consuming you and shifting who you are as a person (and not in a good way). This may not always mean to kick it out of your life completely, but to dial it back, re-evaluate, and recenter yourself to remember your true values and desires.

While it is all well and good to recognize and address these things that don’t serve us, it is easier said than done when it comes to letting these things go. It is never easy to leave something behind, even if we know it isn’t good for us. A bad breakup, moving on to a new job, cutting the toxic friendship...there is no “poof”, everything is good now! It takes time to grieve these things and the good times and experiences you had (if any - if not, then a huge weight really is just lifted off your shoulders). But once you come out on the other side, you will be much happier and grateful that you allowed yourself to move past the things that were anchoring you down and continue to grow into the next chapter of your life.

So, let it go! Make room for the new experiences that are coming your way, and never stifle your growth. Remember that anything that is currently dragging you down, you are meant for more - and if you let it, it will come.

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