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Only You Define Your Self-Worth

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Your self-worth isn't something to be measured by others. 

Your self-worth isn't something another person's perspective can define. 

Your self-worth is only found inside yourself and nowhere else. 

Sadly to say, I know so may that struggle with self-worth. When you struggle to see your worthiness, it can perpetuate a downward spiral of negative thoughts and feelings. These feelings can lead you into a very dark place. You get trapped in your own head and cannot see the light of day outside of it. This is a very dangerous path because seemingly no matter what anyone else tells you, it doesn’t sink in. This is the problem with putting your worth in another person's opinion of you. 

Being dependent on allowing another person to define your value only leads to a total let-down. So, why do we so often put all of this on someone else? Perhaps it's easier to let others make up for our own losses. Sure, compliments and feelings of being needed are great while they last, but what happens when they are gone? All of that goes away along with that person when they leave. Therefor, never depend on someone else to fill your self-worth. It's not a sustainable source. 

Someone else's opinion of you has more to do with how they see themselves rather than having anything to do with you, so never allow anyone's opinion to have any bearing on you. Have you noticed when someone is talking bad about another person, they often try to get you to agree with them? It's not so much that they care about that other person, but they are seeking validation for their viewpoint. Therefor, never allow another person's negative opinion to have any effect on you. Remember, it's more a reflection of their own shortcomings, and really has nothing to do with you. 

Your very own self-worth is only found, defined, and maintained by you. Only you are in control of you. When you realize this, you will hold yourself accountable for your own worth and you will never allow another person to have any effect on you. So go on, shine, because you are worthy! 

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