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Raise Your Voice Scholarship Recipient 2019

On June 1, 2019 at the YesSheCanCampaign sparkle summit the She Will Speak Series was able to give a scholarship to Malicka Barro! She was able to spread her knowledge and story on the NJ Youth Making a Difference Panel and the Real Talk About College Panel. Malicka graduated with a Bachelors in supply chain and logistics and was the only Black Woman for her major in her graduating class at Rowan University. Currently, she is in the process of applying to graduate programs. She is also the founder of Backpack Girls Inc. a nonprofit organization which teachers entrepreneurship and leadership among young Ivorian women. We thank Malicka for speaking up and stepping out to create change in her community! We are grateful to be able to help this young woman further her education! Remember change starts with you.

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