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What We Muslim Women Wear Proudly?

Updated: Jun 22, 2020


Par Fatimata Keita

We wear our faith. 

We were our allegiance, our obedience to God. You may not like it, not understand it, you may not know about it but that’s indeed what we are wearing. It's a reflection, sometimes even an affirmation on the best day of the best part that we are and on the worst day of what we know we can be. 

I’ve never understood why it was such a big deal to some people. If you don’t believe in what I believed then this is just the way someone (you most often don't know) is dressing. Why is it so disturbing? Why are you shutting us possibilities, like jobs, schools, or just any form of respect? This is extremely weird to me! Where I live, in France they have a huge problem with it because “ it’s too political” , “we are claiming too loud” But I’ve asked myself and some other muslim women why we wear hijab and why are we proud of doing so, and seems like there is a consensus : it's part of our identity! Point. Blank. Period. 

Some arbor proudly their national flag, their culture even their pain and their success because it reminds them who they are. It’s part of their history, their experiences, what inspired them. And just like them, I’m no way near ready to erase a part of me, especially the one I’m the most prous of! Islam, is my religion, is all this to me and so much more. It’s more about what I move toward, my peace, my shelter, and my identity, of course I’m proud of it! So why couldn’t I express it? My affiliation with my religion is not something I’m ashamed of, so I don't know why I’ll hide it.

Some also have a problem with religion like “ it should be a private thing” but isn't? Do I force anyone, to wear hijab? To believe in what I believe? No! Religion is personal, wearing hijab is personal, the extra piece of clothes are on MY body! So what's the issue? If seeing someone doing something different is enough to make you feel obligated to do the same, then I’m sorry but seems like you are the issue. 

And also there goes the “submission” argument. Yes, indeed we are. We as muslim women and also men are submitted to our Lord. And to be completely honest, I don’t think there’s an ounce of shame in us when we affirm this! So don’t try to “free” us, especially when “freeing“ us actually means turning us in what you want! Freeing us should be about letting us make our own decisions! It isn’t the pressure of anyone that we arbore, but the  reminder of what we believe in and who we are, the creation of the Almighty. I hate when people goes on the liberating monolog, always talking and erasing the concerned, especially when in those situations all you should do is listening to the protagonist, but no some rather infantilize us and shut us down. 

It has always been a fight for women, no matter the centuries, country, religion or not to live with their choices, but we’ll continue in order to be free in our very own way. Also, and to end all the women I’ve talked to mentioned their link to their creator. And I realized then that it's as simple as that because we are individuals with our own personality, and history, we may have not worn it at the same time, in the same place but all of us have followed the words of The only one we worshipped.

And if by reading all of it you still haven’t understood it, like most choices people make, women make, it has nothing to do with you and everything with ourselves!

This is what we fiercely wear everyday our choice to believe.

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