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She Will Speak Series


Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs

Founder and Curator

Founder and Curator

Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs is a young black writer originally from Manchester Township, NJ. She published her first collection of poetry The Mind of the Teenage Drama Queen while in high school.  For awhile after that writing seemed impossible because of new found traumas and heartbreaks.  Because of this her second book The Tragic Type of Beautiful was born.  Her work started being featured on different social media platforms and later in poetry anthologies.  She received so much feedback that she knew She Will Speak was more then a platform for her poetry.  It has transformed into the She Will Speak Anthology series...


Her writing shows readers they are not alone and their voices are being heard. Over the years she has learned how to heal from her own writing by ironically exposing her wounds.  She believes her purpose in this world is to heal so she uses her creative platform to give voices to those who feel broken.  She Will Speak is more than poetry it is a place for those who need to reclaim their voice.

Photo By: Elmer Quintero 

Community Outreach Coordinators

Yvette G Santana

New York City: Community Outreach Coordinator

Yvette writes for the ones who have not yet find their voice.


"I, Yvette Gloria Santana am twenty one years of age , I am a Puerto Rican, lesbian woman of many battles and I intend on speaking for people who share similar battles. I approach this world eager to tackle the master science behind poetry . The South Bronx , is where I am from but also happens to be one of the most overlooked boroughs of New York City. There are plenty of artists brewing from the Bronx and nobody has noticed them. I refuse to be overlooked. My poetry will touch hearts and save lives ; this is my mission." -Yvette G. Santana

New Jersey Community Outreach Coordinator

Christina Rigolizzo

Christina leads with transparency and empowerment.

"Hi, my name is Christina. Just a 23 year old Latina from Camden, New Jersey. Poetry and Activism for mental health have been my passions for most of my life. Giving back to my community is my goal, to have a better tomorrow that I did not have in my yesterdays." -Christina Rigolizzo


Last name Pronounced: Rig-OH-Liz-OH

She Speak Bloggers

Yuko Kudo


Japanese native Yuko Kudo is a singer, photographer, pianist, social entrepreneur and community builder.  In 2017 she founded "I AM" Series with a mission to create healing, community and social innovation through art. "I AM" Series currently partners with NYU SPS for Fall 2019 using arts and conversation  environmental justice . As a Singer, she was a finalist of Roger Sturtevant Musical Theatre Award for Actor's Equity Association. As a photographer she's worked with The Public Theatre Mobile Unit and her work has been seen on Forbes and Time Magazine. 

Elisabeth Heffernan


Elisabeth Heffernan is known to her friends as a “faerie girl” with a vivid imagination. She has been published in the She Will Speak: Gender Based Violence anthology, a ThoughtCatalog where she tends to write about relationships, love, and her life experiences, and is currently working on a memoir. You can catch her curled up with her dog reading poetry books and romance novels, or chewing her pen as she attempt to write prose. She loves the fantastical, animals, tattoos - and, of course, writing!

Photo By: Julie McElwain

Suchismita Ghoshal


Bengal In India,Suchismita dreams high to touch the sky keeping her feet to the ground.Her schooling was completed from Barlow Girls’ High School, a reputed school in Malda & She is now pursuing her final year of graduation in Zoology stream from University Of Gour Banga.
She has always been a curious soul from childhood & observes things intensely .

She loves to read ponderous amount of books & this left an impact on writing by her own.She's been in this profession for 4 years & loves to write poetry, short story, articles & anything inspires her. She has been a published co-author of more than 70 anthologies till now, more of them are in process of publication.She has co-authored for some of foreign anthologies like “SHE WILL SPEAK SERIES”  & has been published for “Genre:Urban Arts Issue 7”. She has been compiling & editing her first anthology named “The Unspoken Tales Of A Hero”. She loves travelling & gaining knowledge beside writing.She is keen to photoshoots & a freelance model & loves acting on theatres. She aspires to be a good author as well as a book reviewer in near future.

Aniliyah Richardson


Born between poverty and grass greener than the money folded in her back pocket. Aniliyah the girl who wants it all. Coming to the terms that words hold a meaning held in the right brain stems. Aniliyah is the established chaos we underestimate. To raise havoc against the barriers holding her against freedom of speech. Taught to be silent in the presence of her own thoughts. She writes for women none specifically but all. “Show me the ways of this women’s worth I’ll show you the ways of why you aren’t.”  Women were created separately and are to be treated as such. Laundering the possibilities that are yet to come. This is one’s story in particular yet it is to be expressed by others who feel silent. Speak your truths.